Why Do Women Watch Porn?

First of all, let’s tell you about an experiment in which women who had not reached menopause took part. The purpose of it was to dispel the stereotype that pornography does not excite women and therefore causes them only harm. A number of videos were offered to women, two of which were pornographic. At the time of viewing, the brain activity and blood pressure of the subjects were scanned. As a result, it became clear that watching a porn slot made the brain area responsible for the stimulation work, and the blood pressure increased markedly. All this suggests that visually women, like men, are able to get what they need from viewing pornography.

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More Freedom

If you pay attention to modern adult videos, then you see that the so-called “standards of beauty” is not a very relevant topic. Porn actresses are not pure followers of body positivism and they clearly demonstrate a striving for naturalness. Ordinary girls with ordinary figures are on the screens read more