The Most Popular Porn Actresses

Here is the top of porn actresses of modern times:

Sasha Grey

She left the porn industry back in 2011 but still is in a focus of public attention. From early childhood, Sasha dreamed of becoming an actress and attended a children’s theater group. She liked dancing hard and was planning to become a stripteaser. Then she moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles to start a career in adult cinema. Having starred in an incredible number of films, Sasha became a real star. Since 2011, the woman has completely switched to making films for a wide audience, released a photo album, published an erotic novel and started a business.

erotic photo

Mia Khalifa

The stunning Lebanese received an offer to play in porn from a visitor to a fast-food restaurant where she worked in October 2014. By the end of December, she had already occupied the first line of the rating of PornHub. Mia’s activities in the Middle East were met with harsh criticism. Her parents stopped communicating with her. Mrs. Khalifa read more

When and Where Did Porn Come From?

It seems to modern people that they discovered sex or that it was different before the 20th century, but they are mistaken.

Let’s observe some benchmark of humankind path to porn starting from France:

  • The XVIII century was a century of social and religious upheavals in France and experienced a kind of a boom of erotic works. However, the politicized society of the Enlightenment reinterpreted the erotic in its own way and in its own goals. The authors were the philosophers, and their pornographic works were targeted mostly at areal reading aloud. The style of the works became more journalistic: only facts, incidents, comments on political events – but with an erotic twist. By the way,
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