Why VR Porn Get Popularity So Quickly?

VR porn is highly popular and all the glasses and accessories for it are being sold everywhere. Why this segment of sex movies is so interesting? Maybe the answer is not only in innovations and new challenges for viewers. It seems that humankind has made a logical breakthrough on the way of treating sex and culture, sex and social life xxxreal.com/categories/female-pov.

Let’s observe the historical context:

For pornography, the invention of cinema made it possible to see bodies in motion, contacts from different angles, close-ups, in details that were not used to before. Porn movies popped up at the very beginning of the XX century.

It is believed that this business has been flourishing in 1994. Mostly porn is shot in Germany, France, and Latin America. In the USA, porn movies were created by absolute business professionals. The studios had access to the equipment, and it was possible to shoot on a sunny open-air all year round. Therefore, in Hollywood, read more